Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know which product is right for me?

We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need and we will ask you questions to determine things such as any construction requirements or constraints you may have, as well as your specific mobility needs or restrictions.

Our team of specially trained professionals will be able to help you decide on a product based on your accessibility needs. Please contact us to get the discussion started.

Where can I buy your products?

Our sales and service consultants service a wide area of the province. We have a showroom at our Calgary location, it’s best to contact us contact us in advance for an appointment.

Is there funding available for my lift?

There is a variety of programs available, as well as private insurance in some cases. See our funding page for more information.

Where can I get more detailed information about Savaria products?

PDF brochures, planning guides and full product details can be obtained on the Savaria corporate web site here.

Who owns Savaria Lifts?

Savaria Lifts Inc. is 100% owned by Savaria Corporation (TSX:SIS)