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Alberta’s go-to supplier of home elevators, stairlifts and wheelchair lifts. Savaria Lifts proudly serves Calgary, Edmonton and the surrounding areas with professional insallation, service and maintenance of our accessibility and elevating products. From public installations of accessible of lifts, to stair chairs in private homes, to the ultimate luxury of a home elevator, Savaria stands behind all our work with quality product and installation.


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Savaria provides both straight and curved stairlifts that eliminate the barrier of stairs providing easy access to another floor. Our Stairfriend stairlift is designed to be installed on stairs that feature a curve, an intermediate landing, or when out-of-the-way parking is desired. Our SL-1000 stairlift works on straight stairs in residential or commercial applications to glide over a single flight of stairs.



We offer four different types of home elevators, three of these require a traditional hoistway for the elevator to travel up and down. Our Telecab model does not require a hoistway, but travels through a cut-out in the floor. The commercial product, Orion can also be installed in a private residence.


Wheelchair Lifts

We offer a variety of vertical and inclined platform lifts for indoor and outdoor use. The Multilift, V-1504, Prolift,  Delta and Omega are all designed with specific needs in mind to provide access over a range of barriers.


Home Elevators

Whether it’s to add convenience, to make life easier or due to health reasons, a home elevator gives your home, design for a lifetime.  The barrier of stairs is eliminated, so lugging laundry and carting luggage are no longer difficult.  From basic to the ultimate in luxury, let us help you build the perfect solution.


Home Accessibility

Savaria makes stairlifts, wheelchair lifts and elevators specially designed for home use.  Whether you need a lift outside to access your home by wheelchair, or you want to ease the burden of stairs with a gliding stairlift, Savaria has a range of options that give your home easy accessibility.


Commercial Products

For anything other than home use, please see our line of products engineered for use in public spaces and commercial settings. From places of worship, to schools and office buildings, Savaria offers specialized commercial elevators (LU/LA), vertical platform lifts, inclined platform lifts and stairlifts.


The Right Fit for You

All of our products are made with the goal of helping people move, whether it’s to improve mobility issues or to simply make life easier. By listening to each customer’s unique mobility needs, we’re able to provide individualized solutions – whether it is for health reasons or just personal preferences.


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